Application of OelcompressPLUS

Field of application

  • can be used for protection of water and coast in case of an oil spill on standing and floating waters
  • in case of accidents such as oil leaks or damages by land and water.

  • applicable in numerous industrial and commercial areas by land and water inclulding civil engineering, natural gas and oil extraction as well as Hydraulic, Offshore, Canal and Port engineering and shipbuilding.

For the effective removal of small- and medium-sized oil spills

  • the usage of OelcompressPLUS enables an effective and complete removal of oil spills on water surfaces

  • effective compression of the oil spill.
  • the - with the help of OelcompressPLUS- compressed oil can be easily separated from the water surfaces using simple technical additives such as oil barriers, adsorbents or suction machines.
  • Interested in materials for the adsorption and removal of the compressed oil spill! Don't hesitate to contact us and/or visit our shop.

for the protection of coast and shore

  • The targeted use of OelcompressPLUS along the shore and coast after an accident resulting in the release of oil into the environment enables an excellent protection of the shore and coast.
  • The spraying of minimal concentrations of OelcompressPLUS along the shoreline results in an barrier, which eliminates the risk of contamination of coast and shore.
Easy to handle
OelcompressPLUS is sprayed undiluted around the contaminated area unsing simple sprayers
ow application quantities
The concentration of 1 ppm (1:1.000.000) in the water is not exceeded if used appropiated.
maximum cost saving
due to the small product use a maximum saving of the coast is reached .
The extreme compression of the oil spills towards its compactness in the beginning reduces the need of oil-absorbing material to an maximum.
Oil easy to separate
No oil-water and water-oil-emulsion ,respectively, are formed. This is why the compressed oil can be easily and completely removed.
environmentally friendly
If used responsibly OelcompressPlus is not harmfull for human and environment.

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