OelcompressPLUS - Field of application

Get an easy grip on oil pollution accidents

  • Even the strictest requirements cannot prevent, that from time to time accidental release of small and also big quantities of oil takes place
  • OelcompressPLUS enables an easy and consequent removal of the oil pollution and a complete environmental rehabilitation.

  • OelcompressPLUS can be used for all kind of heavy and light oil.

Effective, easy and quick removal of middle and small oilfields

  • Especially on water surfaces, spilled oil is spreading very quickly till its reaches a monomolecular layer, as consequence already small quantities of spilled oil can contaminate a huge area, which leads to expensive and time-consuming disposal operations.
  • OelcompressPLUS enables easy, efficient and cost-effective removal and disposal operations.
  • OelcompressPLUS compresses the widespread oil without causing any distribution in the water column caused by the formation of oil-water-emulsion drops as happening with other commercial products and thereby, it makes a complete removal of the environmental pollution possible

Protection of coast and shore against oil pollution

  • The targeted use of OelcompressPLUS along the coast and shore after an accidents causing oil pollution enables excellent protection of coast and shore.
  • The spraying of minimal quantities of OelcompressPLUS along the shoreline produces a barrier, which eliminates the risk of contamination of coast and shore.

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