Mechanism of OelcompressPLUS

OecompressPLUS compresses oil spills and stains as well as thin rainbow effect. In contrast to other products used for the removal of oil spills, the main mode of action of OlecompressPLUS is not the strong reduction of the surface-tension of the petroleum-derived hydrocarbons and thereby, the eruption of the compact structure towards tiny emulsion drops, but it reduces the surface tension of water-based solutions and thereby, results in the compression of the oil to its original compactness. To understand the mechanism of OlecompressPLUS, the following facts must be looked at closely:

Why is oil spreading on water surfaces?

Depending on the quality of the oil, oil is spreading more quickly or more slowly on the water surface. Some heavy oils are sinking after a certain time frame towards the soil, but all the other types of oils are floating on the water surface. No matter if dealing with the lighter thin oils (as lighter crude oils), which are quickly spreading to a monomolecular layer or heavy oils, which are spreading more slowly and are forming a thicker layer, the principle behind it stays analogous (Fig.1).

Warum breitet sich Öl auf Wasser aus?

Fig. 1: Responsible forces for the spreading of oil on the water surface.
σ12= surface tension water-air;
σ13= surface tension oil-air,
σ23= interface tension oil-water


The "outermost" molecule of an oil layer is subject to three different forces, the surface tension of the water, the surface tension of the oil and the interface tension of water and oil. Due to the fact, that the surface tension of water (σ12= 72 nM/m) is much bigger than the opposite forces, the interface tension between oil and water (σ23) and the surface tension of oil (σ13), together (50 mN/m), the oil is spreading to a monomolecular layer.

An easy way to disrupt this effect, would be the addition of ethanol to the water, because ethanol can reduce the surface tension of water under the critical value of 50 mN/m. Is this the case, the forces pushing the oil together would be stronger as well as the oil aims for the merge of smaller oil drops to an compact unit resulting in an energetic better status. No emulsifying or dispersing of the oil into small droplets and as a result no spreading of the oil into the water column takes place. A huge disadvantages of this method is, that a minimum of 20% ethanol within the water has to be reached to gain this effect.

How makes OelcompressPLUS the removal of oil possible?

OelcompressPLUS is an ideal solution. It is also reducing the surface tension of water such as ethanol, the process of the compression of the oil is happening within seconds and just minimal concentrations of 1:1 000 000 (1 ppm) are necessary. Due to the effective and quick compression of the oil, OelcompressPLUS provide a more efficient separation of oil and water and it eliminates the risk of a distribution of oil into the water column if used prompt almost completely. It is applicable for all kinds of oil no matter if heavy or light oil and all kind of pollution such as extensive oil stains, small oil spills or thin rainbow effects. With the help of OelcompressPLUS an effective and easy way of the removal of the oil is possible.

reduces partial the surface tension of the water

compresses all kind of oils

no matter if extensive stain, small spill or thin rainbow effect

prompt application eliminates the risk of the distribution of oil into the water column

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